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I opened my first blog in 2011, about Apple software and hardware. After this first experience I joined the editorial team of, an online magazine about tech. After 2000+ articles and three years, the project evolved in, a bigger news magazine. In 2015 the magazine became a bigger reality: OverPress Media, where I actually hold the Video Projects Manager & Editor role.

I developed my creative interests, including photography and film direction during these years. This became a working reality as a freelance photographer in various fields, including reportage, studio and architecture photography, for individuals and companies.

I earned a lot dealing with different projects with different tasks, creating new personal skills, always related to the creative and photo/video fields, as the making of feature films and short films with the role of director, screenwriter or filmmaker, and the production and staging of various theatrical or musical performances, with the role of assistant director, art director or video mapping manager.

Now, I am studying at School of Architecture in Syracuse (University of Catania). A choice dictated by the constant search of creativity.

For any info, you can contact me at info[at]