Mastodon Mastodon "Room", Errante Architetture for Bosco Colto - Piermanuele Sberni

Room Pavillion, Errante Architetture

A multifunction space designed during the Bosco Colto Campus Workshop

Caltagirone, Sicilia – 2022


Architect: Errante Architetture 

Where: Santo Pietro, Caltagirone, Sicily 

When: Summer 2022 


Bosco Colto

BOSCO COLTO is a way of rethinking ways of inhabiting the city and our territory, redefining our relationships with the mundane objects. surrounding us. We perceive the city as a constantly evolving, cultivated forest where cultures and cultivation intertwine, and the BOSCO as a city where a community lives and free to advocate for themselves.

RASOTERRA has been the first action of BOSCO COLTO. A week-long Campus in Santo Pietro, Caltagirone, Sicily, to explore self-construction, culture and arts during different workshop.

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Ortigia Sound System x Bosco Colto / Sara Persico Live

Ortigia Sound System is an independent multi-disciplinary venture that aims to create and maintain relevance and cultural value its banners and communities.

The festival is proudly supporting BOSCO COLTO by curating a music event during the last day of Rasoterra Campus at Room Pavilion by Errante Architetture performed by Sara Persico Live.

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Errante Architetture designed a multifunction space for BoscoColto workshop.

The two long parallel sleeves of a long-abandoned structure used as stables for competition horses, a short distance from the Social Cooperative’s farmhouse, become an opportunity to place functions related to children’s learning and outdoor experience.

A wreck waiting to be reused.

Three simple moves.

First: circumscribe this potential geometry. Cut, rotate, flip. Close. Then wrap with agricultural cloths. Wrap, conclude. Define an enclosure. Now a protected inside and a moiré outside.

Second: to insinuate a series of platforms, flexible in use and open to interpretation, theatres for outdoor activities for young visitors to the cooperative. To observe, to experience, to learn. To be together.

Then, benches and seats, work tables, areas for resting, a cistern for water, a garden to be tended, stores for tools. Other equipment. Other uses.

Other experiences. To be added over time.
On the first evening, there is music.